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Oh, this time of year sure sneaks up on me!

Does it do that to you too?

Well, this year we are not celebrating by dying eggs or making resurrection rolls… BUT it will be celebrated with loved ones and praising the Lord in all His goodness <3

Today we had a baby shower for a fellow lady of the church. It was so nice to get together with the ladies and celebrate the new life that will soon join the family and our church family. Laughter, tears, and love.

Tonight we are going to go out to a hockey game and just enjoy time as a family. I am currently looking forward to the nice big soft pretzel my husband promised me haha I can handle a few sporting events if I get a pretzel and cheese! Anyone else? lolbrown bears hockey kenai alaska

Then tomorrow is our church service followed by a family gathering of food and fun!

I really love spring and Easter in particular because everywhere you look there is renewal and new life~

If you are looking for any Easter recipes you can find them from my post last year:


Also, an amazing book, e-book, audio-book, play and more that everyone should read or listen or watch…. HEAVEN AND HOW I GOT HERE by author Colin Smith!

Heaven How I Got Here BY COLIN SMITH


Happy Easter to all of you~


He is risen!!

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SO… it has been a long haul over at least 8 years of some definite chronic health problems. I know that many live with varying health issues in modern day life. I feel like with all our advances in medicine that in some ways we are so far off if there are still many incurable illnesses. There is a huge gap between your mainstream medicine, homeopathic, natural, and fields like chiropractic care.

Truly there could be some information sharing? I keep saying that I want a ’round table’ of doctors and health care providers. I recently feel that a little round table has actually begun to form for me. Thanks to some wonderful non-egocentric and open minded professionals that don’t mind that I want to take vitamins and still have the option to take an antibiotic if I actually get sick with something that needs to be combated differently.

I have always lived more along the homeopathic lifestyle… and it does usually work best for my body… especially after cancer treatment in 1995/1996. I am extremely sensitive to chemicals of every kind and anything synthetic and GMO. That does not mean that organic or natural products are safe. I cannot have whey, soy, soy lecithin, carageenan… and the list goes on. I know that may sound super weird to some, but the sad truth is that many people can completely relate. We are not whining, or trying to fit into some fad diet. We are living with what can be very severe health reactions based on the ingredients of ingredients. Going to a church function where you eat and visit can be a total nightmare. I don’t shy away from all the food related functions but I definitely try to bring something I can eat and get by for the time being without becoming ill. Standing in the line for all the different dishes so humbly provided… is laden with tiny… often invisible… little ingredient landmines. There are certain dairy products I can consume within reason and be totally fine… like daisy brand sour cream and cottage cheese… All because they avoid those nasty filler ingredients compared to the other brands I can buy locally.

I am still having chronic migraines, less often than the past years but still chronic. This last week was my daughter’s spring break and I am unsure what was the cause but I had a migraine that was only absent during a short time with the help of taking all the medications I have for such a time. Today I have been alright… but I tell you what… I am taking it easy and watching what i eat, when i eat, and how much I drink… and the weather.

I had a neurological visit out of town last month that led to us wondering about narcolepsy without cataplexy ( aka narcolepsy type 2). My neurologist believes my migraines and c.v.s. could be due to chronic sleep problems. We did an at home (non-conclusive) sleep test and followed up with an in office Multiple Sleep Latency Test that did not sniff out any major sleep problems. I did wake up a lot (without remembering… which at home i often awaken and definitely recall it later) and stayed in a much lighter sleep cycle. I then took those results and had another appointment out of town with the neurologist. So when he felt that sleep was still our main area to study I will say that I was a little surprised. Especially when he told me about narcolepsy being possible without cataplexy. I had often read about narcolepsy and had plenty of the symptoms; aside from cataplexy. So he sent me away with orders for a blood lab to test for the allele and another sleep test ordered.

I came back and did my blood labs promptly. The results came back positive for DQB1*06:02



BUT that is not enough to diagnose me with narcolepsy. 25% of the population can apparently have this allele and not have narcolepsy. The sleep study is still being considered by my insurance. Hopefully hear back within the week if they say I can do another MSLT or not. After that is scheduled and performed… then I will have to have another appointment out of town with the neurologist to see what we do from there. LOTS of waiting haha

So I will admit that I am nervous, and half hoping to finally find out what is a possible root cause for so many chronic issues going on with  my otherwise young body. I would really feel that getting truly restive sleep could help with a lot of my migraines and my c.v.s.

That doesn’t rule out allergies to different things but it limits it a lot more.

I am going to pray that we are nearing a hopeful turning point for the better with my health. That one day I can do more than sleep at odd hours and wait for everyone else to come home. That one day I can get out there more and be have a lot more active role in life. That I can one day look at somebody just like me today and say, “There’s hope!”

resources on narcolepsy:

C.V.S. resources:

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Ally's stew recipe can be found on BLOG P1060482P1060485SO… it is March in Alaska! Sure it is spring everywhere else, but in Alaska it is kind of still winter. Not like it was growing up, but we still have random snow accumulation and it can really feel like mother earth is feeling a little bi-polar!

Something that is a constant for my family in March is the itch for hot summer days, comfort food, Riley’s birthday, my birthday, and other family birthdays haha

Riley just had her 7th birthday and I am gearing up for my 29th birthday. YES, twenty-ninth. I am totally ok with that because I love birthdays! I love celebrating the renewed gift of life each year and wondering where that year is going to take me in life.

Something new in our month of March is that we have joined something called care share. This is a church group activity where people volunteer time to clean the church. This is one way to give back to our church and help them to use the funds for charity or otherwise needed areas. Our group is half adults and half kids… and always hungry after a good church cleaning. I volunteered to make the main course meal for our care share group a few weeks ago and made stew. It was something that I knew I could make more than enough of and afford to do in my one week at a time shopping /meal planning. I can happily say that it went over well with everyone and had plenty of inquiries as to what I put in my stew that tastes so unique. My reply, “It is probably the mushroom soup!”

SO… I decided that maybe it was time I share my recipe and am doing so right here; right now~

I am somebody who does not really follow recipes to cook. I love stew because it is just throwing stuff into a big pot and waiting an hour or two for all that delicious stuff to fill up your belly! I also am an odd duck by using aroma for my cooking guidance. I can often taste things when I smell them…. which has it’s benefits and it’s not so awesome moments in life lol BUT when it comes to cooking…. If it smells right, then I know it will be good.

So no exact measurements on spices and herbs… but more the good ol’ ‘To Taste’ rule.

here goes ~

Ally’s Stew Recipe

You will need 2 large stew pots unless you half the ingredients…

Cook time- generally an hour to 90 minutes. Simmering on medium to high heat on the stove (mine is a gas range so this might need some tinkering if you use electric).

Seasoning: Celery Salt, Paprika, Garlic Powder, Basil, Seat Salt (white but pink could be used… i don’t advise using ‘Real Salt’ brand because not all of it dissolves… better on cooked meats like a stove top steak). You can add other seasonings but all to taste… depending on your own preferences.

1 tsp. lemon juice

2 sticks of good quality butter. I prefer unsalted butter but you can use salted and just add less of the sea-salt to your broth.

Meat: Boneless beef chuck-roast and pick a nice marbled one as that fat gives a wonderful flavor to your broth. Use as much as you deem necessary and I cube mine into big chunks. KEEP all that big fatty strips and what not for your stew. It is the flavor maker!

1 container of beef broth (I buy organic Pacific brand beef broth and it is 32 ounces/1 quart/946 mL)

1 container of Mushroom soup ( I buy organic Imagine brand portobello mushroom creamy soup which is 32 fluid ounces/1 quart/ 946 mL)

and a half cup of water can be used to thin the broth a little bit.

I add 1 lb. of chopped up (no stems) crimini mushrooms FRESH is best~

1 can of cut green beans or wax beans

1 can of corn (sweet yellow usually but can use another kind)

1 can of diced tomatoes (I like to get the ones that are minced and are marinated… I add the juice and all when i put the can contents into my pot of stew)

sliced up red or gold little potatoes… the smaller the cut-cubed potatoes the fast they cook and if you like chunks of potatoes in your stew make sure to cut them more like big cubes and add them a.s.a.p. to your broth because they need to cook the longest of all the ingredients.  I buy a pound of them and use them all… easy to see how i end up needing two big pots haha

Also can add a cup of  frozen diced white onion.

Now mix it all up and simmer on the stove top for a few hours tops. If you use a slow cooker/crock pot you will need to cook on high heat for 6-8 hours… and definitely half of the ingredients for a large crock pot.

Serve over mashed potatoes or on it’s own. Can definitely dip bread in this stew and make it go several nights. Reheats great for lunches or dinner.

I  have a pot of this stew simmering right now on my stove and we are HUNGRY!

Hope you all enjoy the recipe and  let me know if you make some! 🙂


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hot house roses~It has been a gloomy day indoors here at the Schuetzler home. Riley awoke around 5 in the morning not feeling quite right. A few hours later, she had a fever of 102*F and was most certainly not going to school. “TGIF- love, school season” right?

I tucked her into my bed, and went out to make her some Gatorade Popsicles and to notify the school. Fifteen minutes later, I went back to the bedroom and found her sound asleep. I decided that I would just hang out in bed and check emails and social media while she slept a bit more. Eventually I felt a bit peckish and remembered that there was a little Hershey bar in my nightstand! The second the wrapper made a crinkling sound, Riley’s eyes popped open! Amazing how that works 😉

After some nourishing chocolate we watched a little My Little Pony on the laptop before she tuckered out again. Still at a 102 fever, I gave her some Gatorade to drink and a dose of ocsillium (Boiron product great for fevers) in hope that the fever would remain at a good antibody building temperature. Several naps later she is still at 102 degrees and snuggled up in her no-sew Christmas blanket. Guess it is o.k. that I have procrastinated at getting the last holiday items packed away after all!

Throughout her several naps I got to thinking of how gloomy and chilly it looked outside. This season has been very……. un-wintery. I am an Alaskan kiddo and it is just down right odd not having several feet or more of snow in the end of January, let alone all winter & year after year. It feels like we are locked into some groundhog loop for weather. By this time of the year I would rather just have summer show up and enjoy the light of the midnight sun. This year will be my 29th Alaskan summer and all I want is to get my feet planted in the beach rocks and volcanic ash while I pick for stray agates. My entire childhood is a series of beach days that seem like a golden summer gone by… but it was probably about a week worth of days in July each year. It is so different up here compared to a beach elsewhere. We don’t don swimwear and pack a tote filled with snacks and a beach-ball to go off to the beach. Some are donning the bikini now that Alaska is experiencing warmer days than in years past, but I am still adjusting to the idea of a tank top and shorts haha We typically pack a variety of things to eat, lots of water, toilet paper (you do eventually have to go to the bathroom and there is not always toilet paper around), & plastic bags for trash. Then you dress in layers, pull your hair back in-case of wind, pack an old towel or quilt and be sure to have some empty buckets for all the rocks you will likely heft home by the end of the day. Alaska has more coast than any other state and I am grateful for that feature. I drive a little ways and take my pick of spots within the state park. The one I drive to is Captain Cook State Park. Yes, once a stop for Captain Cook many a year ago. But if you go now you are going to look out along the horizon and see mountains (volcanic), seagulls, eagles, sometimes a bear, moose, fishing sites, four-wheelers, and in the distance at the right spot ships as well as oil platforms where hardworking men and women earn their livelihood.

Our beaches are mostly a variety of rocks, some volcanic and the sand is mostly ash from past eruptions. That means the mud is also very sticky from the ash mixed into it… but as long as you pick your way carefully so as not to find the kind that could consume an F150 then you get a world class free spa mud bath. Silky smooth mud and it feels great!

I love the beach. Granted, I have never traveled to anywhere else and been to a ‘normal’ beach to soak up the rays. I just cannot imagine going out for a whole day and late into the evening to not see mountain ranges, agates, and fireweed. Along with the understanding that those beaches are not quiet and peaceful. I am so blessed to drive a short way and be away from all the sounds of town and plenty of space to wander.

Alaska isn’t perfect, our economy is imbalanced and can sure make a citizen nervous but where else would I go? Maybe a vacation to see some other sites one day and some souvenir shells but leave my volcanoes and fireweed……………… never <3

I pray that there will be a dozen more generations of ours walking the same stretch of coast-land and filling old ice cream buckets with mismatched rocks and the treasured agate.

So here is to wishes~

A small gallery of just a few years summer activities

All copyright of

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saeed news 2016 jan

Folks, I apologize for taking so long to post. I had another CVS er trip, my daughter had to be home due to illness (she is well again), and we had a massive earth quake in south-central Alaska.

God deserves much praise every day but I am overjoyed about the release of some prisoners from Iran. One of them is Pastor Saeed. He was imprisoned 3 years ago while in Iran working on an orphanage. I have followed his and many others stories once I realized what was going on for people. Being a American Christian I can only imagine the struggle that our brothers and sisters face in other countries where it is an unwelcome way of life, belief or choice.  I continue to follow Voice of the Martyrs page on facebook and pray many more will be freed; not just Americans.


The above link is video footage of an interview Saeed recently participated in for television. It is wonderful to see that he is healing and that he can praise God through it all. There will be more as he is reunited with his family and I’m sure it will take continual healing to rejoin the life he has before him. We should indeed continue praying for him and his family. Pray for those like him. Those wrongfully imprisoned and wrongfully charged anywhere. Praise be to God that He never leaves us and He is faithful!

asia bibi

Asia bibi is also still imprisoned and threatened to be executed for not denouncing Christ. You can follow her case via the website linked below.


I also would like to thank all who follow a


nd share my blog posts. I am always happy to know when I reach somebody and that this touches their heart. If there is a blog subject you would love to see me write about be sure to write to me and let me know! 🙂


Be sure to follow me on facebook and even pinterest if you have those kinds of media accounts. I am still shying away from things like twitter but who knows… one day maybe I will even join twitter!

Hope everyone is having a good week and blessings to one and all~

If you have a prayer request I would be glad to pray for you.

God bless,


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Christmas and the new year have come and gone. I spent my time well though; loved ones visiting, friends, musical programs, baking, plays, knitting, reading, and so much more. I never can be sure how the time will truly go but as long as it was spent devoted to loved ones then I feel it was worthwhile. The events around us happy and sad can truly be a muddy way to feel about a time that heralds a new year. I do feel we should indeed be sharing the gospel and not trying to frighten people with doomsday reports. We do not know when it will happen but one cannot deny the sense of time running short.

We must not stick our heads deep into the sand to avoid knowing about the unpleasant things around us but we do not have to run around yelling and screaming either. It is a difficulty knowing how to bring balance to our lives. Best thing we can do is spend earnest time in prayer, and in God’s word. Then we can go out into the world confidently doing God’s will with our time… urgent or not.

I will try to do this every year but I will never commit to it perfectly. I find myself easily wearied by the news of the world. So little good news will do that to a person though, won’t it?

This is where we listen to the Father and know that HE is sovereign and all is in His hands. He is not dethroned. He has omniscient  view of the world past, present and future. Whatever goes on today or tomorrow is leading us to the events that time of eternal life. I do love things about this world. I love the wonder of it all but I don’t expect to ever experience it all first hand before my time here is done. I much rather see heaven and meet God face to face and so I am contented. I will admit, the little I did see set me up to craving more but it passes with the knowledge that it is not the best there is in all of time. There is MORE. So much more than we can ever fathom. It is coming. HE is coming for us and wants to share perfection with us for all of time eternal. That is mind blowing, truly!

Until then, I am going to do my best with what there is for the present. I try to be good, helpful, unselfish, generous, resourceful, creative, and inventive… and all the nice words we have to add into the discussion.

But I often find myself at home. On the other side of this screen from you. Hoping that it is reaching farther than I can see or believe. I have faith that it reaches some at least.

I still am struggling with my health. I found myself far better than I normally do during the holidays too. I began taking liquid gel-capsules (2 every morning) of co-Q10 and (1 every morning) L-carnitine. This is to help my C.V.S. symptoms. So far it helping! I still take daily amatriptyline before bed… and my daily dose of 10,000 i.u. of vitamin D3… and now just as needed amounts of sumatriptan and promethazine. The promethazine replaced the zofran in my life. So far, it is a wonderful change!

I did eat something for dinner recently that my body decided to purge by morning. Only problem was the nausea would not relent after everything was most definitely out of my stomach. My daughter and husband both arrived home and found me still throwing up. So my husband decided that we better pack it up and head to the local E.R. to get on iv fluids and if need be an iv of phenergen. It was a two hour wait and once we did get a room I was thinking maybe I could have managed at home alright. Fortunately I had a really wonderful nurse and a doctor who came in just to handle my visit. There was a person in every single room and an ambulance on the way… i think they found the need to call another doctor in to help rather than just because it was *me* lol At least I hope that was the case and not them thinking, “Oh… it’s her again!” like it can at times feel. The nurse got my iv on the first try! A winning detail that is rare in my life anymore. The iv fluids began and about halfway through the first bag I began to feel like I was going to throw up again. They mixed phenergan into another bag of fluids and started it up at a quick rate. The nausea was passing but then I got my usual iv problem of a reaction that makes my whole body feel restless. Something like restless legs but your entire body! I do not handle that sensation well at all…. and I know it makes me look nutty, and not good to those treating me. Thankfully the doctor came in to check on me to see if the phenergan was working and noticed my agitation. He immediately got iv benadryl started and soon the feeling passed and I was fine. They told me that if I felt I could manage without a 3rd bag of fluids that I was allowed to check out and go on home. I chose that option since it was nearng 8pm and my husband had to be back to work at 6am and me with Riley for school by 7am. Since then I have been very tired, and just have a sore bruise where my i.v. site is located.  I much prefer to slow my life down when this happens. Since I never became well enough to hold a job anyways, I have had to learn to be ok with this pace in life. To accept that I am not the picture of health like another young woman my age may be in life. That was fairly difficult to come to accept but only because I felt like I was letting everyone down.  Now I can see when I need to stop going out to the few regular activities and hold off on my shopping if the need is there to rest even more or I am ill. Much of that time is spent sleeping poorly at night, and then taking very long solid naps once my daughter is on the bus for school throughout the weekdays. It makes for a messy house, and a long list of errands but it is ok. We are learning to balance…. even if I have to drop everything and let my husband do more for me than I used to allow. Knowing he is there to help me and doesn’t feel angry at me for needing the help, is wonderful. It is love. It is security in my need for him. It is the vows we said ‘I do’ to in 2007. Granted we thought it’d be a little more even in the whole sickness and health department. That is ok.

So besides the napping I have been doing some knifty knitting 🙂 I can make simple hats and scarves but am learning how to loom knit a flower! Thank you looms and youtube! haha It is a lot of fun and goes quite quickly. I never learned how to knit using the knitting needles so looms are the only thing I can use right now. I find that satisfying though. Lots of new babies around lately and I find making little baby hats a super great way to give a little something when they are born in the chilly months like now. Even if the weather is remarkably warm by comparison to years gone by.

Also, I enjoy reading. I love used book stores and we have a lovely one here where I live that has SO many different books all the time. I prefer the ones missing their dust-covers and are the old hardbacks. You know, the ones that smell like ancient dust and a million good reads. I buy those! haha I love to pick them just by how they look or titles I don’t know. I have been reading one titled, ‘The Italian Spring’ by Gillian Avery. I love it! Totally different than what plot was conjured up at the time of purchase. It is actually about a young girl who is orphaned in Oxford, England. A distant relative comes along from Italy to collect the library books and such things that he inherited. He finds the young girl in need of another guardian and decides she might be much benefited by studying abroad with him. So off she goes to Venice and then his villa in Florence. I have not finished it yet, but am LOVING it! It sort of reminds me of, ‘A little Princess’ in her attitude. Not as mistreated at all but her thoughts and such just seem similar. I truly enjoy it and kind of hate that sometime soon I will read the last sentence and be done. Better to have read and loved, than not at all 😉

Beyond that, I often enjoy an application on my cell phone called librivox. You can download it in the app store on your devices and use it freely. It covers audiobooks that are out of print mostly. You can also use a regular web browser and find it by searching for

Wonderful audiobooks to choose to listen to and nearly every single reading is for free. Some are for purchase but I have only listened to free ones so far. I do not own a tablet or anything like that so I’m a little out of the loop on devices. My favorite reader is a woman named Karen Savage. She covers many works, and she does all the voices!! 🙂 Cannot beat that! She also has read books in other languages from what I read on forums. I love her readings of the Anne of Green Gables series. She does the perfect voice for Anne! Sounds just like the gal in the film series. A must listen!

Currently though I re-listened to the unabridged telling of  Little Women. Oh, how I love that story! If you have never read or heard a dramatic reading of the full novel you surely must! There is so much wisdom, insight, humor, turmoil,  & heartache written into Little Women. You will laugh, cry and pray for the characters as you go along the plot. Also if you cannot stand to stop there you can always read the following book which is Little Men, or Life at Plumfield with Jo’s Boys. (

The link to the librivox dramatic reading that I prefer:

The films are lovely, and certainly great for a film but it isn’t the same as reading or hearing the full work! By all means, treat yourself to the life of the March women.

My ultimate favorite book of all time and often in films.

I do have a favorite chapter as well;

On the Shelf

It is so true to this day. That is a real classic if ever one could be called so.

I grew up watching the 1949 film of little women. I identified with each and every one of the March girls. I still find myself seeing more and more of myself in the characters as my life continues on and it is reassuring to know I am not alone in such circumstances or thoughts. That at least one writer at a time far from my own thought so like myself, that she penned them famously for all to read that wished to read her book.

And on that note, dear friends, I best get on with the day. The light is fading here and my family members will soon be home again.

Prayers that it is well with each of you and that this new year brings us more hope than fears.

God bless and good new year to you all~


Leaving you with a few photos from the holiday break and the subjects of the blog contents.

anchorage drive home 2015 anchorage the arm drive home 2015 christmas tree 2015 little women first edition little women movie 1933 little women movie 1949little women movie 1994

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I have a pinterest board just for the website! Be sure to follow it if you would like to see pins related to the book, blog and author content 🙂

I will warn you, I am addicted to pinning home things and recipes 😉 But you can choose to only follow the website board if you don’t want to see my other boards in your pinterest feed.


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Cover of the first easter bunny paperback

Cover of the first easter bunny paperback

Size of the first easter bunny paperback

Size of the first easter bunny paperback


The holidays are on their way! So I have decided that I will do a drawing to give away a free copy of my book for those who would like onelaugh

If you would like to ENTER the drawing please leave a comment here on this blog post. Also for every book bought <from my square shop; which will be listed below> during the drawing dates you can be entered additionally into the drawing.

The only way to buy a signed copy is from me or from King's Treasures in Kenai where I had my first book signing. All books sold through Amazon, Barnes and Noble or from publication consultants are un-signed. I know that many wish their copies to be signed and so I just want it to be clear how to buy signed copies vs. unsigned. If you did buy a copy and it is unsigned I would be happy to make arrangments to sign your books if able. 

The dates for this drawing are today <11-16-2015> until January 1st, 2016. I will announce the winner of the drawing via a this blog on January 2nd, 2016. If you follow my public facebook page I will share the announcment there as well smiley

Happy holidays and prayers for a blessed new year in 2016!



the square shop:



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Ok, so I hate to have to jump in… but the sheer fact that this topic ever became a thing.. and I mean a THING! I have to speak up…

I am a non-coffee drinking person who happens to be a Christian… and a person who used to work for Starbucks as a teenager.

I never saw a holiday Starbucks cup that brought my savior to mind while serving up people's expensive lates… never.

The cups have had past winter themes to the holiday cups… you can see for yourself if you just do a little google image search. 

There were snowmen, snowflakes, Christmas (I am aware Christ is in the word Christmas), and ornaments etc. Why they truly chose to go with a plain red cup this season… I don't know. Personally I would assume it was in an attempt to not represent any one holiday in particular with the massive amount of people suffering from first world butthurt mindset. 


war on Christ this season? Really?

war on Christ this season? Really?



war on Christ this season? Really?

If you are outraged at all by this move…. and truly believe it is a war on Jesus Chirst our Saviour then I beg you to really think more about these past cups and the cups today. If you are so outraged but still buying your Starbucks coffee like it is as precious as the air you breath… maybe you need to step back and ponder your real convictions.

If you can afford a Starbucks coffee drink on the regular and want to really put Christ-like attitudes back into your Christmas season it could start with realizing that YOU are the Christ in Christmas. We as the church are serving as the representatives of Jesus up to his return. What sort of message are you sending out to those around you by freaking out over the color of your coffee cup that you plan to gulp down and toss in an 30 minute time frame? What kind of message are you sending to those who think all Christians are just as ridiculous as this trend truly is and what about the rest of the world?!

Yeah… it doesn't look so good does it?

Want to put your better foot forward and actually make a difference? 

Okay, we can do that!

Take your coffee out expenses and instead of $8 or whatever on your one cup of coffee out (especially since most bags of ground coffee at the grocery store are $10 and last a lot longer than one cup) you can use that money and donate to a child in need or people in need… a good cause that you TRULY know makes a difference in more than the first world locations. 

I have a short list of a few I personally like but you can do your own research… maybe you will even choose to do this for more than just the month of gift giving… maybe you will be led to a local charity or venue where you can volunteer and change someones life… including your own!

or even local fundraising for schools, nursing homes, churches, teen centers, crisis centers,  womens' resource centers, the fire service and police force… think about where your heart is and be moved to ACTION.



There are SOOOOO many more out there.


Share some real holiday cheer and love to those who are around you! If you have kids this season should not be about what THEY or you want under your tree December 25th… it should be about serving others. We are to SERVE in love and compassion. 

I hope this season you forget about what color that cup is and remember what it really is all about <3

God bless,

to ALL <3

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I am sitting in my home, with wonderful full light even though the sky is overcast. I love this! A fresh blanket of snow is covering everything in sight. It's bright, it's fresh, it's clean and oh so beautiful <3 I love the way the air smells when snow is on it's way. There is such a clean and pure freshness to it and you just cannot sniff away at it…. you drink it in! 

I woke my little Riley up and we hurried along so we could put all our winter gear on and get outside ahead of schedule. We went out while it was still dark and she trekked along the driveway remarking how deep the tire tracks were from Matt's truck. She stuck her tongue out and caught snowflakes and grinned a broad smile that expresses complete joy! 

We went along to the front corner of the yard where we usually await her bus but instead of trying to keep warm and busy we were excitedly rolling balls of snow into body parts for our first snowman of the season! 🙂 Once the other children arrived it was not long before several large balls of snow were rolling about the yard haha Now when I look out the living room window I can see a snowman (no eyes or mouth yet but he has arms!), a snow bear and a partial snow-person 🙂 I love that view because it's for one sentimental and for two it's what Alaskan kids do when it snows 🙂 

I am hoping the weather continues to bring us fresh fluffy snowman snow so we can make all kinds of snow people and things… forts and everything <3 

It half reminds me of "Meet me in St. Louis" and half "Calvin and Hobbes" haha  

What a beauty snow is… what a gift from God! Such a little thing that can bring such joy, wonder, and a twinkle in the eyes of young and old 🙂

So don't be a Grinch! Drive carefully and when you get the chance, don your down jacket and pull on your boots! Get out there and drink in the wonderful fresh air and make your heart remember your youth <3 I promise, it won't hurt 😉

And usually…… there is hot chocolate at the end 🙂



riley snowfall 2015




sun through the icy trees


winter 2014 2015


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