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Have you ever been so chronically tired that you actually are envious of hibernating animals and a coma sounds so relaxing? I have! I am chronically worst in my health episodically from January to late May, and yet it begins … Continue reading

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Hello! I have been using a public facebook profile account peviously. I have had issues using a profile account and decided that I would discontinue the public profile account. Now there is an all new public facebook page to follow … Continue reading

Posted in SOCIAL MEDIA | Leave a comment   I have a pinterest board just for the website! Be sure to follow it if you would like to see pins related to the book, blog and author content 🙂 I will warn you, I am addicted to … Continue reading

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Ok, so I hate to have to jump in… but the sheer fact that this topic ever became a thing.. and I mean a THING! I have to speak up… I am a non-coffee drinking person who happens to be … Continue reading

Posted in ministry, SOCIAL MEDIA, Uncategorized | Leave a comment   This will link you to my new Author Page with Amazon! 🙂

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