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It has been some time since my last post. There has been much going on seen and unseen. I think we all know the strains that an election year brings upon us in America. I have to be honest in … Continue reading

Posted in HOLIDAYS, ministry, PRAISES | Tagged , | Leave a comment Folks, I apologize for taking so long to post. I had another CVS er trip, my daughter had to be home due to illness (she is well again), and we had a massive earth quake in south-central Alaska. God … Continue reading

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Ok, so I hate to have to jump in… but the sheer fact that this topic ever became a thing.. and I mean a THING! I have to speak up… I am a non-coffee drinking person who happens to be … Continue reading

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I cannot say that I have a time in my life that has ever flourished a thought of doubt about God existing or Jesus as the Messiah. I grew up in a small family church that was non-denominational Christian. I … Continue reading

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Hello dear readers! I am posting something I recently wrote for my church women's ministry. They do a yearly ladies fall retreat that lasts three days. One of the activities is the prayer walk. I have never been to the … Continue reading

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