9 years married and loving the one I’m with <3

June bride

I have to say this old tradition is far from out of style <3

Many gals grow up and want to go to the chapel to get married in June and it can be a magical month for new beginnings.

I recently celebrated my 9th wedding anniversary on June 1st, 2016. We normally would try to get out of the house and do something like walk the beach or take a hike… and that is God willing Matt is not working and I am not sick haha BUT this June was very special for another reason. My best friend, and one of my maids of honor <my little sister Cadee, Misty, and Beth were all maids in my wedding and all 3 are some of my closest friends in this life so far > was engaged to be married June 4th of 2016. So we of course could not miss such a wonderful time in her life! We last were able to see her on our wedding day. A very long time to wait to see good friends and loved ones. Especially when you have a kid since then that they have yet to even meet. We booked our tickets and all that goes with a trip far from home. I had been to visit her in high school to her parents’ home in Kamiah… but I could not for the life of me really recall much about any other locations we visited. So I had no real expectations except to finally get to see my best friend! 🙂

We awoke June 1st to a sunny day and several kitties cuddles. Got up finally and made sure we were all ready to hit the road. We needed to drive for 3 hours to Anchorage where the first flight would take place. We flew from Anchorage to Seattle… then Seattle to Spokane… then we got our rental car and drove to Lewiston, Idaho 🙂 We had secured a hotel room in Lewiston that was pretty much in town and not far from the historic downtown area. It was 40-50 degree differences daily from our weather at home lol MUCH hotter than we are used to but a dry heat and we found it felt pretty good; despite the insane reality that it was upper 90 degrees to 100 degrees. There was so much to see and do while we were there too. The fact that Lewiston is a bordering town to Washington gives it some real personality! It felt to me like a real mix of Portland and Idaho culture. We could drive in different directions each day and find something that looked entirely different then the day before. We truly loved that! Plus, there is a real charm to historical locations. The history is fun to learn about and to explore something like an old brick building that has been there for such a lot of history is pretty amazing. That was one of my favorite aspects to Europe too back when I toured in my Freshman year of high school. We loved the creative feel, the arts, the music (live and free), the natural beauty, the brick, the food… every.single.thing.  SERIOUSLY. Visit.

I knew with wedding stuff going on that visiting time would be sparse and all but that was so worth the trip alone. Seeing her…. I cried! lol I am sure I made no real sense when I tried to blubber out any words but it was amazing to see her and hug her again. Being far from the people that have rocked your world in a good way is rough. But never the less… life without them is incomprehensible. Plus, introducing her to my sweet now 7 year old daughter….. priceless <3 Meeting her husband, and seeing her home… priceless <3 There is so much to love.  I truly hope that it is never 9 years or more ever again that we have to wait to spend time together.

Needless to say, I got next to no pictures of her, her husband, her wedding, us… lol I blubbered a lot when it came to the real events haha BUT so worth being there and loving where her life has gone since 9 years ago. So happy for her and her husband 😀

We managed to fit in a church service while visiting. We really enjoyed the sermon and seeing how another location serves the Lord and celebrates that freedom. If you are ever in Lewiston, Idaho try Crosspoint Alliance Church (1330 Powers Ave. Lewiston, Idaho and online you can find them at www.crosspointlew.org … and we went to the 11 a.m. Sunday service)~

We are back in Alaska… and it is home <3 We missed it and we love it here. We loved it there. What else can I say, but that your heart can be in many places at one time. It’s hard but it’s good too.

Love the people in your life. They are there for a reason. Whether they stay in it for long or briefly; good or bad memories… there is something there. There is a lesson learned, a chance to show them the love of the Lord, a chance to be shown the love of the Lord, a chance to laugh-cry- and everything between. God is good ALL the time… and Life is Good!





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