Here Comes The Sun!

The Hevenly Man Book

Yesterday was a busy day smile emoticon we ended it going to a beach for a little bit. Saw a pair of eagles with a nest up the bank. I have had a cold for a week and overdid it the last few days though. So today is a stay home and rest day. I have been ready The Heavenly Man. There is a section of testimony on page 32 that is wonderful. I read ch.2 out loud to Riley and then we read Psalm 119… when we finished I asked her if any of it related to the chapter in The Heavenly Man smile emoticon She recalled page 32 and Psalm 119:105 ♡ Though verse 105 is not lieral, it comes to mind literally when reading Deling’s testimony on page 32♡ God is awesome and ever with us♡

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